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    We are small enough to creatively and rapidly adapt our solutions to best fit your needs, large enough (staff of 13 consultants) to respond to large scale analytical projects and implementations. In our rapidly changing healthcare environment, agility is key.
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    IDEA commenced business in 1991 and our founders have been with the company ever since. Each of our staff has on average over 20 years of healthcare finance and Decision Support Experience. When you work with IDEA, we bring all of that experience and depth to the table. You are never working with a junior staff member, we are all deeply experienced in what we do.
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    We take great pride in the fact that many of the clients we worked with back in 1991 are still our clients today. Integrity to our client partnerships, as well as our employees, has been the key to our success. We believe that if we continue to take care of both our client partners and our employees that we will continue to evolve and engage in new and exciting projects.

Physician/Clinic Costing

Complete your organizational cost picture

Key Benefits:

  • Understand impact of physician costs on entire system
  • Determine if downstream referrals offset upstream costs
  • Present hospital and physician data in same analysis

Are your physicians contributing to your bottom line? Are there services where contributions are being made? Which practitioners are providing a positive margin?

We can help you attribute costs to your physician activities. Through this process you can determine who and in what service lines physicians are contributing to your organization’s financial health.

With our experience, your costing project will enjoy:
  • Expert guidance throughout the project
  • "Best Practice" methodology for all key parts of the costing process
  • Optimal design and deployment providing best cost/benefit ratio in terms of effort required to (a) build and (b) maintain the costing system
  • Documented process and maintenance steps
  • Full set of audit and reconciliation reports
"We have worked with IDEA Consulting Group since the early 1990’s and most recently have worked with them to help us develop and maintain our cost accounting in McKesson’s Performance Analytics, encompassing both our Hospital and Physician based services. Their depth of knowledge and innovative thinking has helped us accurately present our costs.  This past year, IDEA helped us design a process to incorporate physician payroll data to assign costs to provider-level activity specific to services performed by each practitioner on the Professional Billing side to complete the cost picture alongside hospital/technical costs.  Our HPM data is now used extensively by both the hospital and medical group sides of our System …"
Ann Goldman, Manager, Programmer Analyst
Swedish Medical Group, Seattle WA