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    We are small enough to creatively and rapidly adapt our solutions to best fit your needs, large enough (staff of 13 consultants) to respond to large scale analytical projects and implementations. In our rapidly changing healthcare environment, agility is key.
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    IDEA commenced business in 1991 and our founders have been with the company ever since. Each of our staff has on average over 20 years of healthcare finance and Decision Support Experience. When you work with IDEA, we bring all of that experience and depth to the table. You are never working with a junior staff member, we are all deeply experienced in what we do.
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    We take great pride in the fact that many of the clients we worked with back in 1991 are still our clients today. Integrity to our client partnerships, as well as our employees, has been the key to our success. We believe that if we continue to take care of both our client partners and our employees that we will continue to evolve and engage in new and exciting projects.

Project Management

Preventing Chaos during implementations

Key Benefits:

  • Expert resources
  • Project Management Experience
  • Already up to speed
  • We keep you "ahead of the bus"
  • Eliminate staff overload

Most clients transition from one decision support system to another, or one billing system to another perhaps once in their career. We do this many times per year and have a proven track record of being able to provide expert client side project management.

Let us help you to bring in the expert resources you need to help you create a successful plan and achieve your organizational goals.

"...IDEA Consulting has had the distinction of assisting Scripps I.T. and Finance, to deliver on time, and within budget Go Lives for all five hospitals. This included the project management for the first several months at the inception of the project, and a seamless handoff to the Scripps I.T. Project Manager. It also included interface design, development and reconciliation. Impeccable Cost and PMOD design, development, customization and training efforts led to a very successful implementation."
Eddy Wetterland
Project Manager, Scripps Health