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    We are small enough to creatively and rapidly adapt our solutions to best fit your needs, large enough (staff of 13 consultants) to respond to large scale analytical projects and implementations. In our rapidly changing healthcare environment, agility is key.
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    IDEA commenced business in 1991 and our founders have been with the company ever since. Each of our staff has on average over 20 years of healthcare finance and Decision Support Experience. When you work with IDEA, we bring all of that experience and depth to the table. You are never working with a junior staff member, we are all deeply experienced in what we do.
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    We take great pride in the fact that many of the clients we worked with back in 1991 are still our clients today. Integrity to our client partnerships, as well as our employees, has been the key to our success. We believe that if we continue to take care of both our client partners and our employees that we will continue to evolve and engage in new and exciting projects.

Integrations, Audits & Reconcilliation

Your data is always ready to go and your staffs time is available for analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Preserves your staff time for Analysis
  • Peace of mind and accountability
  • Fast and economical to setup
  • Standard Audit & Recon templates
  • Prior experience with your system

Concerned about how to maintain up to date and reconciled data while at the same time being able to maintain adequate staffing for ongoing analysis? Let us work with you to perform your routine processing and design a custom reconciliation and audit process that frees up your time and is easily understandable.

We provide a standardized approach to auditing and reconciling your Decision Support data back to source. We work intensively with you to understand the reconciling items. Our goal is to leave you with a process, and product, that you can move ahead with for your organization.

"We were able to achieve organizational buy-in of our Decision Support data through the reconciliation process that DEA helped us to create. They worked with us intensively to create a customized process for our complicated organization, and we have maintained and updated that process on our own ever since. "
Children’s Hospital Oakland